Today my horrible 9 month old…

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… cried from 5am until I got up at 7am. She didn't need the toilet. She just wanted to howl and cry.

At 12pm, she chewed the arm of my sofa to bits whilst I was upstairs. She's never done that before. I am sure people will comment saying she shouldn't have been left alone with access to the sofa. But she has always had access to the sofa for almost 7 months now and she's never chewed it once. Her play pen came back out to keep her away from the sofa and she wasn't happy to be put back inside it.

At 12.30pm, she peed on the floor inside her pen. She's not peed on the floor since she was 15 weeks old. It was a tiny tiny pee, which makes me think she didn't actually need one but squeezed one out. I texted her behavioural consultant who we hired recently and she said almost definitely a plea for attention based on my puppies other personality traits.


Today my 9mo puppy walked nicely for three walks around the block. She even ignored another dog that walked past. Walking used to be her worst trait.

She didn't jump up on us once and she listened to most commands first time. Hate to speak too soon but I think her impulse control is getting better

She let me groom her and brush her teeth, as always. This is one of her very good qualities.

Today my boyfriend, who I posted the other day said he was tired to death of my puppy and said we may need to just rehome her in an angry outburst, took all of her shitty behaviour in his stride and agreed with me when I said, "she's hard work but she is family."

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