To rehome or not to rehome?

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We have just relocated to a big city with a 3.5 year old Silky Terrier. It was a huge decision to bring the dog with us as she previously had a big grassed back yard and a retired couple that would look after her twice per week, plus we’d spend lots of time with her on weekends/weeknights.

Since the move, we are now living in a townhouse with a bricked back yard. Unfortunately, after toilet training again she keeps going to the toilet on the pavers and not in the small grassed garden I made for her. I have put effort into this and my partner hasn’t really gotten onboard with this aspect of caring for her.

I’m the only one concerned about this behaviour as my partner doesn’t care if she goes toilet on the bricks or grass. For me, this is something I feel strongly about and had promised myself that if it wasn’t working out that we would rehome her with the retired couple from our previous city as they are like her second family.

These people also look after other dogs and have a much more engaging environment for her.

I’m looking for a sense check here to see if I am overreacting but this isn’t what I wanted for our dog and something I find almost intolerable.


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