To potty inside or out?

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I have had my pit mix puppy for 11 days now. He is 9.5 weeks. He has an AMAZING temperament. Thus far, he has never pooped in the house. He pees every time I take him outside but does have an occasional tinkle in the house.

My question or statement is this…

I live in an apartment. Potty training him on the balcony wasn’t an option and I tried puppy pads but he ignored them. I take him out in the grass in front of our apartment at least every 45 minutes. We do have other dogs in our complex. He poops and pees every time I take him out – so he’s getting the hang of it well.

What do you do when this is your only option?

I did speak to my vet but he didn’t share any info on Parvo rates in our area. He’s had one vaccination and is scheduled to go back on the 25th for round 2.

Any advice or recommendations?

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