To neuter a puppy or not to neuter?

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Hey everyone. So I was thinking about this recently— about how we’re probably going to be neutering our golden doodle when he gets old enough; but also how there seems to be an influx of people online (and I suppose real life as well) who seem to be against the idea nowadays. Now, we’re definitely doing it because we don’t want our dog accidentally getting another one knocked up when we’re not looking plus we’ve also discussed it over with our breeder/vet who agrees that there’s no reason not to neuter a dog. Yet I’m still curious.

I’m not really looking for an argument, but just some respectful opinions on the topic. There are some claims that neutering a dog “takes away their personality” or “makes them too tired” or even “more aggressive because the lack of testosterone makes them insecure”. My boyfriend’s brother in law even says “neutering his dogs ruined them”. I mean, I don’t really buy into these statements myself since I’m pretty sure very few if any of them care from actual professionals but what do you fellow dog owners think? Do you reckon that neutering is definitely the responsible thing to do, or that it’s more “cruel” and unnecessary?

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