To feed or not to feed at nighttime?

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So my pup (around 10 months old now and we've had him for 5) has had an ongoing issue: if we give him food at nighttime – he will usually have to go outside in the middle of the night (even if we let him out right before bedtime), and if we don't give him food at nighttime – he will sometimes throw up bile early in the morning (5-6am). I've done a little research and it seems likely that this happens when he doesn't eat for an extended period of time (8-12 hours). He is also an incorrigible grass muncher/lawn mower, which probably doesn't help.

Just wondering if anyone else has had experience with this – is the solution here to feed him a minimal amount of food before he goes to bed? Or to crate him at night time so that he has no choice but to hold it? (he is currently 99% house trained but sometimes has accidents when he's not able to go out in the middle of the night. He does not sleep in his crate and is not very crate trained).

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