Tips to help puppy get used to being alone?

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Last week, I brought a female Labrador retriever puppy home for the first time. She's acclimated with the household well. Though whenever I put her in her crate to go and leave the room to do something where I can't supervise her 100%, she starts crying. It's not exclusive to me. She just doesn't like being alone.

This is the first dog I've crate trained, so I'm not quite sure what to do about this. I've tried leaving treats, but she starts screaming once she finishes them and realizes that nobody is in the room. A pamphlet I got from my vet said to ignore her until she settles down, but that seems cruel and neglectful. Not to mention the thing was written 30+ years ago.

What is the correct and humane way to get my little girl to settle in her cage when there's no one else around?

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