Tips on how to get my dog to not care about the front door?

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I live in a duplex in a multi unit building, where people are coming and going fairly frequently, even at night, including my own roommates. The soundproofing is not great.

I’ve made a lot of progress with my dog but she is still adjusting to the new apartment, and she still feels most comfortable in my room (upstairs). I’m trying to transition her to sleeping downstairs at night. But in the meantime…

When she’s in my room, she just has to get up and investigate the sound of the front door opening/closing (it’s pretty echoey), and she’ll bark if my bedroom door is shut and she hears the front door. This is more of a problem at night, as I keep my door mostly open during the day. I do not like sleeping with my bedroom door open for privacy reasons, but I don’t want her to disrupt people’s sleep. Any ways I can get her to care less about what’s happening downstairs at night?

Edit: She’s a 3 yr old greyhound if that’s relevant.

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