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So my little Havanese pup just got neutered and has 3 medications he has to take. One he’s fine with and takes in cream cheese but his pain med and his antibiotic he’s fighting me literally tooth and nail on.

I’ve tried peanut butter, cream cheese, cheese, melted cheese (makeshift pill pocket), chicken, actual pill pockets, and vanilla yogurt. The problem is he’s such a dainty eater that he just eats around the pill and spits it out no matter how small I make it.

I ended up buying a pill pusher for the antibiotic and am making a suspension with water in a syringe for the pain med, but he gets SO stressed out when I try to restrain him and I don’t want to have to stress him out that badly twice a day for the next 14 days, he’s going to absolutely hate me.

I tried just holding him (I used to work at an animal shelter with vet staff so I know proper restraining and administering method with a pusher/syringe) but he just alligator rolls so I tried the burrito method but he STILL manages to get his front feet out and rolls more.

I’m worried if I keep up this force feeding meds he’s 1. Going to hate me 2. Get super traumatized to being restrained in the future and 3. Possibly pull his sutures from flipping around so violently.

I tried to restrain and give a treat to desensitize him to it but he refuses the treat no matter what level treat it is. I’ve also tried giving him his favorite reward (cheese) after the meds but he refuses that too.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :

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