Tips for controlling an energetic collie pup

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I have a 5mo border collie pup and I feel like he’s the most energetic dog in the world!

We send him to a doggy daycare (ran by a family friend) 2 days a week. He’s there all day and doesn’t nap (the staff send me videos of all the other dogs asleep and my puppy nudging them awake to play), we take him to obedience training, we do training at home, and we do mental stimulation as well as walking him too.

Regardless of all this, he’s still crazy energetic. After all day at daycare with no naps, he comes home and still wants to play and run around. He’s always sprinting around the house, knocking stuff over and causing general chaos.

He also requires constant attention. He refuses to play with toys in his own, he has to interact with us at all times.

Any tips on how to tame his energy? It’s starting to get too much and I can’t match his crazy energy! 🙂

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