Tip: Do 5 min of mat training before bedtime for a good night’s sleep😊

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My puppy has never been the type to “like” his crate. For a month I tried easing him into it using food/ training/ sleeping schedules. The minute I shut the door, he didn’t give two sh**ts about what I had to offer or didn’t. He also had picked up a problematic habit of chewing on walls, so I had no choice but to crate him at night whether he liked it or not. This built a history of avoidance and only served to increase his dislike for the crate.

Mat training was a godsend. I started with the mat outside the crate and slowly inched it inside. Because we incorporated all sorts of distractions on mat training, he was less concerned about the movement of the crate door too. This past week, I started incorporating mat training before the official bedtime and I can already see the difference. 10-15 reps and he has no problem getting in the crate on cue and staying in a calm settle.

I’m careful to dismiss my puppy with “all-done” after the last rep, so he knows I won’t be coming back with more treats,. I follow up with “goodnight”, hit the lights, and put on a sleep playlist to be sure he gets the idea. I can see the lightbulb go off in his head now, today when I picked up the bag of liver treats, he got up and started heading for the crate on his own! 😭

Hope this post helps somebody else get a good night’s sleep knowing their pup is safe and settled! 👍

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