Tiny puppy piddles

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Having some difficulty house training our 10 week old golden retriever!

We have a two story house and the door to the outside is downstairs. Currently we gate off the upstairs so she can’t just wander down there when we aren’t looking.

We can’t tell if she’s learned that if she goes to the gate (and/or cries) that we will let her out but that’s the goal. She has gone to the gate on a few occasions, and once or twice has cried, and obviously we drop everything to take her out and reward her for notifying us.

Here’s the real problem – sometimes we think she can’t 100% tell she has to go. Sometimes we take her out, she goes, we see her go, she comes into the house and within 30 minutes has a (small) accident. We think it’s partially her water intake (she doesn’t seem to know when to stop drinking) and partially she just goes if she needs to go and couldn’t really tell.

Any tricks to solving this? Obviously she’s still young. We have a 4.5 yr old golden doodle in the house and he never cries to go out anymore because he always goes out with her and she has to go way more often than he does. So he’s not been a great teacher of “we cry at the door when we have to potty”. He also knew to cry when he needed to go out by 9 weeks so I’m trying to make sure I’m not doing anything ~wrong~ or poorly with this new puppy.

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