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First of all I don’t know where to post this.

A couple weeks ago I posted about how my dogs dead to clothes made her have an accident at home. It was specifically a raincoat which, just as advised, I’ve stopped using. But my Shiba inu (female, 10 months) is still afraid of putting on her harness even though she’s been using it for 3 months. I’ve tried anything, I put it on and remove it, rewarding her with her favorite high value treats (aka chicken), I’ve left it in for 5 min, then 10, etc. She does seem to be getting better but she also has regression. anytime we want to leave home it’s a whole process of luring her with treats to put her harness on. I don’t want to chase her around the house for obvious reasons and I don’t think putting it without her noticing is the way to go.

So, any thoughts on this?

We went through a similar process with her collar when she was 3 months old but she quickly got used to it and now loves it. So that makes me think the harness might be hurting/bothering her? It’s a Julius K9 harness. I can tell that it’s kinda rigid, so should I get a softer one??

Also, is it normal for her to be afraid of clothes? She’s also afraid of plastic bags (we’re solving that), blow driers (also kinda solved) and water. Have I done something wrong for her to be like that ? Maybe I’m overprotecting her, is that a thing with dogs? I feel like she’s becoming more spoilt and stubborn, but that’s also a Shiba thing. I just want to make sure she has a positive experience, I’m not even sure when she developed a fear for those things.

Has anyone else gone through this? What did you do?

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