This puppy I love him but oh my lord…

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Partly a vent post and puppy blues here…

I feel like I’m doing absolutely terribly as a puppy owner. Puppy is still having poop accidents inside even though I let him out every hour. He barks relentlessly, nothing has helped to correct that behavior and both my mom and I have tried everything we know. He really is a sweet pup but it’s like he’s turned into a little psychopath.

I walk him twice per day, I do everything I know how to take care of him so far. We got a letter from neighbors regarding the dog barking issue and I know it’s because of the puppy and not the other dogs (we have three other, older dogs none of which bark to this extent). I don’t want to lock him in his crate all the time but I’m starting to think that might be my only solution at this point… we’ve tried bark collars but neither of the two we’ve tried worked at all (both of them beeped and/or vibrated and only shock lightly if necessary).

He loves to play with the other dogs, and I don’t want to deprive him of that but it’s like I don’t know what else to do. He also picked up a poop eating habit and I cannot for the life of me correct that one, short of just picking up poop whenever I see it.

My mom has pretty much left me to do everything with this puppy on my own. Which is fair to an extent as the puppy is technically my dog even though I still live with my parents. But I can’t help feeling overwhelmed…

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