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So my almost 5mo golden just passed star puppy and is moving on the beginner 2 at a local training club. I am happy with the training and think the instructors are great and use positive techniques. I have been doing all positive reinforcement with my pup and was under the understanding the dominance theory is bull. Well, someone in my class said she is switching training and than since I have a large dog and he’s still kinda crazy, so I should check it out because they specialize in large dogs and will have mine perfectly well behaved in no time. I was slightly offended because while I know my puppy can get excited, I thinks he’s doing great.

So I looked at their website for the heck of it and I am appalled. It’s all saying that positive reinforcement doesn’t work and that you have to dominate your puppy. Here’s an example… “The best way to train your dog is to become pack leader and you cannot become the pack leader using treats, harnesses, gentle leaders or anything similar… Training collars are used because in a dog’s world, dominance is done around the neck… when one dog tries to show dominance over another dog, that dog will usually pin a dog down using its mouth, around the neck. Afterward, usually one dog leaves being dominant and the other dog leaves being submissive. When that does happen, there is a fight. You don’t have one dog feeding another dog treats to show who is dominant” Does this just seem nuts to anyone else? Like in order to train my dog, I have to fight him? I’m almost afraid to know what goes on there. Obviously I would never bring my pup there and will stick to the place we go to now that used only positive reinforcement, but I’m kinda mad this place even exists, and that it’s so popular around my town. I frequently see adds for it.

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