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A few months ago, right before quarantine, my fiancé and I got our puppy (a male golden retriever). While we lived in our apartment just the three of us, everything was fine, our dog (Sam) seemed to be happy as a clam. But then, when my fiancé and I got laid off, we had to move in with my parents (unable to afford rent on our own anymore). Now we live in the windowless basement, and my parents undisciplined dogs live upstairs. Sam gets really excited to go up and play with them, since we haven’t been able to socialize him during quarantine, but we noticed he was starting to bond more to them than us, and started emulating their not-fantastic behaviors. So we try to keep him in the basement with us as much as possible, but for some reason he now acts as though coming downstairs means he’s in trouble. He no longer comes when called, and he acts like he’d like nothing more than to get away from us just about any chance he gets. He’s only six months, so we’re hoping there’s still time for us to be able to fix whatever is wrong. It’s really hard to watch him so desperately trying to bond with anyone but us, and we’re not sure what to do to help heal that relationship (especially since moving out is not at all a feasible option). Help!

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