The vet thinks my puppy might remain a giardia carrier.

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I’m quite upset over this. She’s been on 3 rounds of medicine in almost 2 months with no improvement at all. She’s been on a medicine for 5 weeks out of the 7 weeks total. We cleaned everything, bleached everything, threw out things that couldn’t be bleached, we wiped her butt/paws right after going, picked up the poop right as she finished. Nothing is helping. She’s not currently symptomatic but we can’t get a clear fecal test. This means no daycare or anything, can’t really be around other dogs and i desperately want to socialize her. The vet wants to try another round of flagyl but this time longer, they already increased the dose and length last time. He said that some dogs become permanent carriers and the parasite just ingrains in their system. He said this may not be true for her as she’s still young but it can happen. He already warned me that at some point we will have to stop treating it as the medicine can create long term effects. He said we will have to come up with a permanent plan on preventing the spreading of the parasite to other dogs, but didn’t specify how. Any advice would be helpful.

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