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It's so loud and comes out of nowhere. One moment she's lying nicely under the table and the next moment my ears are exploding and my heart rate is at a million. She's staring out the windows that we mostly covered because she barks at anything unusual she sees outside the house. We see and hear nothing. I have so much patience for so many of her behaviors, but this one physically makes my anxiety spike. She barks for so many reasons and many of them are predictable and we can work on the underlying emotion. But this kind is not like that.

I'm not even really sure what to do about it. Her breed mix makes her a naturally alert watchdog. I don't want to use aversive methods because a lot of her barking is rooted in anxiety and I don't want to punish that. I also can't counter condition because I can't even identify a trigger. I started capturing her little boofs to teach "whisper" and encourage her to bark with her mouth closed, but she's really struggling with figuring this one out. Even if she does, I have no idea if that will even help.

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