The Literal Pee Machine

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(Not necessarily looking for advice, just dumping emotions) My 4 mo German shepherd lab mix has brought great joy to my boyfriend, my 1 yo pup, and I’s life, but potty training her has been the trial of a lifetime! We have been doing everything we can to make success easy for her, but damn, she has the bladder of a dog much smaller than her LOL. We even had her checked out by the vet because we were worried she had a bladder infection. Nope. She just loves to pee. Regardless, we have had a pretty good month in which she has actually given us noticeable queues (“told us”) when she needs to go out instead of just squatting where she stands + taking her out every hour regardless of the queues and we even had a pee-free week, yay! but today she peed on the floor (twice) with no warning within 45 minutes of going out last. Man, I love that stinky girl to death but she is testing me. Pray for us. 😭

But with all the pee I’ve had to clean up, she has never ONCE pooped in the house, not even once! So, she still makes me proud.

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