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Here's a little story that made my day yesterday.

So I'm on Instagram working on my pup's page, and I'm looking through puppy hashtags. I see this picture of a puppy that looks a lot like mine so I like it and comment "we're twins!". Then, the puppy's page messages me and says that our puppies might be siblings. I doubted it, since there are so many puppies out there, but I replied "they might be! which litter did you pick up your pup from?" IT WAS THE SAME LITTER! I was so surprised, because I happened to like this puppy's picture and she ended up being my baby's sibling! Really, what are the odds? She told me that there were only two puppies with red coats in the litter, I got one, and she got the other one! Since she lived in the area, she probably saw my puppy when she was just a baby too. We were the last ones to come pick her up from her litter since we lived so far away, so she was the only one left and we didn't get a chance to see her siblings. But now, we follow her sister on Instagram and get to see how they grow up!

Here's a picture of the two side-by-side! Mine is on the left and her sister is on the right:)

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