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Hi all,

Just a brief post to say THANK YOU and HELLO! I've been lurking on this subreddit for a few weeks now in anticipation of my puppy who arrived a week ago. All the advice has been completely invaluable and I think this sub is possibly one of the best puppy resources I've come across.

My pup Lyla has been a star. She's gradually learning housetraining and last night (night number 5) I had my first unbroken night's sleep as she slept all the way through (crate next to my bed) from 11pm-6am!

She's still a little nervous of her crate in the day and enforced naps are definitely a thing (and 100% worth it!); hoping she won't grow to resent her crate… Puppy blues hit hard in the first few days after I was barely able to make myself a proper meal without needing to take her out, but last night gave me real optimism and so I hope with careful training and management things will only get better.

Thank you all so much for your advice, posts…everything! 🙂

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