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I just wanted to thank everyone who is active or even just posts on this subreddit. It’s hard to admit that you are having troubles with your pup that is not as perfect as you imagined. I have a 14 week old staffy/mastiff puppy and the past 4 weeks of having him I thought I was going insane. He bites incredibly hard, scratches my neck and face, barks incessantly when in his crate, sometimes when he can’t see my face. He’s a large breed and already almost 30 pounds and his bites are the point where my hands and arms look like a paper shredder got me.

I came to this sub to originally ask if I was doing enough, but read the advice and was doing all of it. This subreddit helped me learn that my dog is not some crazy aggressive dog that will reign terror on my home for the rest of his life, but in fact a completely normal puppy.

The puppy blues are real, and I don’t always want to look at him and say “wow I love you thanks for pooping then stepping in it and dragging it all over the house right after a 20 minute walk”, but I am so relieved and excited to watch him grow into the good smart boy he is.

Lately I have been trying to think of the good, like that he already knows sit, paw, down, stay, roll over, come, and leave it. He’s smart, cute, and when he’s sleeping I’m so in love.

Thank you again.

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