Teething/Biting/Excessive roughness concerns.

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I have a 12-13 week old German Shepherd I got last week. He is full of energy as puppies are but I do have a few concerns. First and foremost I will be putting him through puppy training and obedience training once he has all his vaccinations. My puppy loves to bite. It gets worse the more wound up he gets. I’ve tried redirecting with various toys, food, sounds, and have been told to try the “yipping when he bites”, the “side submission”, and “holding GENTLY his mouth shut while repeating his name and “no bite!” All in which have yielded minimal results. I understand he is a puppy and this may or may not pass with training. My second issue is that I also have a 14 year old Pekingese dog. He doesn’t mind the puppy. But the puppy doesn’t understand how to play with him. He grabs his tail and yanks on it, and tonight grabbed my elderly dog by the neck and tried to toss him like a chew toy. I am always right next to him so I was able to intervene before any injury. My elderly dog calmly walked away. He doesn’t yelp, or snap at the puppy. I have a big yard so I am playing with the puppy outside as much as possible. Where I live is currently experiencing a cold snap of 20 degree weather so outdoor play is limited. Does anyone have any pointers or advice on these situations? Thank you!

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