Teaching my 10w Eurasier puppy to be alone, normal puppy behavior or mistake on my part?

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Hello everyone!

Remiel has been home for 4 days now, and he is my first dog. I have tried applying everything I've learned so far (on here, youtube, breeder's advice, etc), with no success. Remiel has a LOT of chew toys/things to keep him occupied, which I rotate to try and keep them interesting, but I can't seem to get him interested in them (or at least enough that I can go shower).

For instance, this morning, I took him out for his potty break/15-20 minute walk around the neighborhood (allowing him to smell everything and take his time), and when we got home, I went to feed him. Since I'm having a hard time getting him interested in his kongs/wobbler/other, I've been using them to feed him. However what he'll do is look at them, knock them around once, get the 3-4 pieces of kibble out, eat those, and then move on to something more interesting like eating the couch or the table. I figured my appartement environment might be.. too stimulating? Why not. So I put him in his crate with his kong and wobbler and other chew toys (that he'll sometimes play with for a few minutes when he's out of the crate but his attention span is very short, so he'll move on to the couch etc which he can't get enough of). So, he's in his crate, in my living room, with all of this stuff and food, and he takes ZERO interest in them, cries and barks like CRAZY, bites the crate, even though I'm in his line of sight, eventually gets tired and goes to sleep (and does go into deep sleep).

My hypothesis is that he might still be transitioning from living in the countryside to being in the middle of the city, on a busy street, with an extremely rich sensory environment, and that his pinning ears back running around "haha I don't care about your kibble I like the couch, and the chairs, etc so much better and will run from one to the other if you try to redirect" are him being overtired because he's saturating and needs an enforced nap.

Here are my questions:

1) Is this normal puppy behavior I "just have to get through" because it has only been 4 days, or are there things I need to change in my methods?

2) How should I deal with feeding, because now he's not eating, should I just put everything in a classic bowl? Have him skip a meal and try again tonight? I don't really know what strategy I need to put in place.

3) Any other advice for trying to make his toys more interesting?

4) I feel like he's spending MOST of his time in his crate and I wasn't expecting to have him spend to much time inside, is this normal?

Thank you for your help!

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