Taught my dog to walk on a leash, but now she won’t eliminate when I take her out.

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We got her as a baby, shes still less than a year old and I just started training her to walk on a leash. I hadn't trained her to do anything before that because it hadn't occurred to me that dogs don't just naturally know how to walk nicely leashed (I know. I'm an idiot). Shes part GSD and she took to it like it was her life's goal, and in one (really long) walk I had her walking without pulling and if I say "to me" she comes and walks really close and if I stop she sits, I'm super proud of her and so surprised! Problem: now she stays super close to me and sits by me any time we go out, which means shes not eliminating like I know she needs too! When I first take her out she will do a quick little piss and come back as soon as possible and I cant get her to go do anything else as long as I walk her. I'm sure eventually she wont be able to hold it but is there any way I can train her to go when I say to?

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