Takes treats with a CHOMP and mouthy when excited

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I am fostering a 10-13yo GSDxLab and have had him for about two weeks. We have two similar issues. The first being he takes treats the opposite of gently. If you were to try to give him a treat he’ll try to eat your hand (like up to your fingers). Not in a malicious way, he just likes treats. Similarly when he’s excited and wants to play, he might mouth my hand. We were playing fetch and I went to pick up the ball and he put his teeth on my hand. Not a bite per say, but he’s a big unknown dog and it’s rather spooky. Sometimes you’ll just be petting him and his mouth is suddenly trying to almost nip you. His teeth are extremely dull (think K9s only 2/3 of the way long and flat so he hasn’t broken the skin. But some of those treat incidents really hurt. Any ideas are appreciated.

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