Support in Potty Training, and dealing with the Puppy Blues

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Hi everyone,

I’ve had my Frenchton puppy for a month as of the end of this week, and this is the first of the puppy blues that I’ve experienced today. She normally sleeps in her crate until around 2 or 3am, and then asks to be let out. Normally, she’s do her business on her pee pads at the front door, and then I’d take her back to her crate where she would sleep the rest of the night. However, lately she cries and cries nonstop when I put her back, and I made the mistake of letting her sleep in the bed with me because I had to work in the morning. Now she does this every single night, and this morning, she peed on my bed. I feel like this incident just set the course for the rest of the day, because she wouldn’t go poo like she normally does at noon, and then peed and pooped outside when I got home from work, but then looked me in the eye as she squatted on my carpet – twice within a 20 minute period. After that, I was washing my bedding from this morning and came into the room to find that she had peed on my bare mattress. We had been playing a few minutes before and I probably riled her up a little too much, but that was the last straw—I’ve literally run out of patience for the day. She was also a complete biting terror today, despite me working with the advice I was given in a previous post about calm play. She was just not having it. Any guidance or advice as to how to get her back on track with potty training? I watch her pretty carefully, I take her outside during the day after she eats, and when I see her sniffing around, but she goes on the pads at night (I live in a third floor apartment). Might this be too confusing for her doing both?

I’m currently sitting on my bare mattress waiting for the spot to dry so I can put my sheets on and go to bed. I’m utterly exhausted, and super frustrated. Any advice is appreciated!

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