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Hello reddit,

I have a 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier, we recently moved from an apartment to a town home. Up until this move he has been fine being home at home by himself. Now however he will have an accident every time we leave him at home by himself. So we put him in his crate, when we adopted him we crate trained him and he had no problem being in his crate. In the new home this is a completely different story on our FURBO we observed him howling, crying, displaying anxious behavior, and we also come home to a soiled crate. Another observation is that during the day between 9-5 he is fine in his crate by himself, no crying, no howling, and no accidents. It is only when we leave him at home in his crate after his evening walk that he howls, cries, and potties. I am not sure what his deal is and I don’t know how to help with his anxiousness, so I turn to you reddit and ask for your input and advice.

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