Sudden Separation Anxiety!

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I think my puppy might have separation anxiety and I don't know what to do! He is almost 5 months, we had him since he was 2 months. Because of this quarantine going on my puppy has not been away from my husband or I in almost 2 months. He is starting to get some strange behaviors now too. There is the common stuff like whining and barking for us if he is alone. But now at night he refuses to sleep in his crate. Ever since we got him he always slept really well in his crate at night. Now once we put him in for the night he will not stop barking and whining. We tried letting him sleep in bed, and he woke up every 30/60 minutes and whined until we were awake and looked at him. Tried sleeping on the floor with him, and he did the same thing. PLEASE help with what I should do now to fix this behavior.

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