Struggling With Potty Training in Apartment

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I live in a high parvo area and all the vets and breeders (that don't know each other) told me to not take the dog outside until his vaccines are done. So, me living in a high-rise apartment decided to train him to go in the balcony which he learned extremely fast!

Now my issue is that he's been going out for over a month (he's almost 4 moths and a half) and he absolutely refuses to pee outside; by now I know his schedule so I decided I would take him on a walk when he absolutely needs to go to have biology work in my favor. Well, my last attempt was after he had held it in for 6 hours (including his long nap) and I took him out on a two hour walk, gave him tons of water to drink during the walk. NOTHING! He held it in for 8 hours and immediately peed a puddle in the balcony as soon as we got home!

I am kind of at a loss as to what to do; a lot of people are saying to soak a newspaper in his pee and take a sample of his poo and get him to smell them while on the walk and that would encourage him to go there but I decided to ask on here first because I hadn't heard any positive reinforcement trainers talk about this method.

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