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I knew having a puppy would be tough work, but holy crap I was not ready for it. Our puppy, compared to others at his daycare is well behaved, he is just very energetic and struggles with seperation, which we are working on. He is 5 months old and I never imagined (yes you can say it was naive) that i would still be babysitting him 24/7. That I can't get 10 mins of him in his crate or pen without crying. I feel like I'm being held hostage by this puppy and I have had to give up everything I enjoy. I'm working really had on crate training but some days are ok and others are terrible. Honestly I just can't handle it anymore and I'm terrified that this will never change. I'm someone who spends a fair bit of time at home but I like to cook, and play games, read… And I need to work here too but all I can do is try and help this puppy relax and not scream.

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