Stressed Over New Puppy

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I am having puppy stress.

I love the 3-month-old (almost 4 month-old) puppy we got three weeks ago but I get so overwhelmed when I think about how far we still have to go with our sweet girl and am having a hard time appreciating the time with her because of this.

We are going through the normal puppy woes like potty training, sleep training, separation anxiety, and crate training. On top of that, we are trying to acclimate her to our 8-year-old cat to her and training her to not chase him(he is really interested in her, just on his own terms).

Everything is actually going really well and she is such a good puppy, I am just losing it a little with everything going on and feeling overwhelmed. It's hard to see the end of the tunnel through training and this COVID stuff. The quarantine has DEFINITELY made these feelings worse.

Nothing could separate this puppy from our family and we aren't giving up, I just needed to vent and know I am not alone in this first-time puppy owner stuff.

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