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I've been trying to train my dog to pee on command for at least 4 months. Every time she:s about to pee I tell her "go potty" and when she's finished I give her a treat. There has been no sign whatsoever that she's been picking this up. I've taught her so many tricks and she's picked them all up within a few days. I don't get it.

If she was a normal dog that actually went pee without having to walk her around for a mile before peeing (or straight up refusing to pee and finally taking her in exasperated), then I would just drop it and not continue trying to teach it. But she is driving me absolutely nuts. I don't want to walk around for miles every day or take her out to pee to just come back in after walking around for 20 minutes with nothing. I've had her for 2.5 years now and this has been an ongoing issue. What else can I do???

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