Starting Puppy Training All Over Again…

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Just when I thought we made the mark we somehow missed it. I felt a little discouraged but found this new app called "Good pup". Anyone tried it yet? Hoping to hear something good. I think I've had the puppy blues and didn't even know it. My babygirl is 1 years old and she's still a pup in my eyes and I feel like I've completely failed her. She knows how to walk outside on leash and goes with zero issues, its the corelation from house to outside that she struggles with. I feel putting the puppy pads back down again will just lead me back to the never ending cycle of comfortabilty and accidents. Which I totally understand are prone to happen. Just looking for some ideal advice, cause Lord knows this is tougher than I expected. I assumed she would have conquered this by now, maybe it's too late…

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