Spouse thinks teaching independence to dachshund will make her less bonded/snuggly?

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My husband previously raised a dachshund (with his ex). She came into my life when she was 6 and we spent tons of time snuggling on the couch and in the bed at night. However, ongoing into her adulthood she was very needy and could not be left alone in any house other than the apartment she was raised in. Even in that apartment she was known to dig at the doorway when she was alone. If she wasn't allowed to sleep in the bed at night she would pace and howl, if I put her in her car seat (not on my lap in the car) she would whine the entire ride.

We now have a doxie puppy that we are working hard to prevent the same anxieties. At 13 weeks she sleeps in her crate overnight and rides in her car seat for long rides without barking. The crate training has been going really well and she will settle down for naps or remain calm in there while I ignore her around the house. I let her play on her own whenever possible and only get on the floor with her once a day when she's acting like she needs that energy. However, my husband worries that we are creating a dog that won't be bonded to us like the other dog was. When the puppy gets crazy my husband thinks he should be able to hold her to have her calm down but instead she scratches and bites and I end up putting her in her crate which soothes her and she stops acting up. She doesn't have very much calm wakeful time unless she is sitting in her crate. I think she is too young to say she won't have a similar bond with us, I think instead we will hopefully have a better adjusted dog. My husband doesn't remember his other puppy being as wild when she was young so we differ on opinion with her training.

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