Spent the $$ to fence in the backyard. All my dog wants to do is eat the grass!

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Last year, I finally moved out of an apartment into a house with a nice backyard and got a fence installed. Wonderful, right? Except whenever we go outside, my dog isn’t interested in playing or doing anything at all except gnawing on the grass. He loses all focus on anything.

I’ve brought all of his favorite balls and toys and treats and I can run around like a maniac trying to play, but he just stands in one spot eating grass. If I get close, he’ll move a few feet to a different area of grass and then I just take him inside.

This is frustrating to me because I would like him to run around more and lose some weight, and he has a sensitive stomach so he’s been known to either vomit or have issues with #2s after eating things outside. If he’s already gone potty and he starts chewing on grass, I bring him back inside so that he doesn’t get sick eating grass. I can’t tell if he’s just so hungry that he feels the need to eat more when he has the opportunity.

Any ideas on how to make outside time more enjoyable than grazing on grass? He gets nervous and defensive with other dogs in the neighborhood on our leashed walks, so his backyard time doesn’t involve other dogs. That behavior seems to have started a few years ago when a friend’s standard poodle with health issues stood over him and briefly snapped at him.

Info: 6 year old neutered papillon

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