Sophie Turner Makes MORE Joe Jonas Sex Jokes& Spills Sansa’s REAL Ending In Adorable Puppy Interview! – Perez Hilton

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At this moment we’re ready to watch Sophie Turner do ANYTHING.

The Internet’s girlfriend has inadvertently taken charge of the promotional tour for Dark Phoenix — not only because she’s the IT GIRL right now but likewise she seems far more interesting personally than this X3 rehash.

Video: Sophie SLAPS Conan O’Brien And He LIKES IT !

And her recent interrogation is no exception — though there are some costars trying hard to steal the spotlight this time.

As part of a recent Buzzfeed Celeb habit, Sophie is attempting to answer questions from fans while simultaneously play with a duet cute puppies.

She talks X-Men, the controversial discontinue of her Game Of Thrones persona, and yes — once again, she’s making more Joe Jonas sex jokes!

Watch the whole interview( channel down below) or bounce straight-shooting to the highlights next 😛 TAGEND

At first, Sophie is super rekindled for the teeny tiny puppies to crawl all over her — but one wants to be more than woman’s best friend.

The good (?) son moves head first for some under the jacket action — claim at Sophie’s boob.

( c) Buzzfeed Celeb/ YouTube

At first she is disorient and flustered, then bemusedly quips 😛 TAGEND

” You know what? You remind me of my husband .”


See the similarity?( c) Apega/ WENN/ Buzzfeed Celeb/ YouTube

Joe is a boob man. Huh. Never ought to have been guessed.

Then, in usual male manner, it got what it wanted and ran away from her.

Walkies of reproach.( c) Buzzfeed Celeb

Yep. Sansa Stark lost another pup.


Speaking of Sansa Stark, her character’s Thrones ceasing may have been the least contentious part of the succession climax — except of course for fans who wanted her to take the Iron Throne.

But Sophie decorates a picture of a future for the Queen in the North we thoughts even “the worlds largest” hardened viewer could rally behind. She says 😛 TAGEND

” I hope it would be, you know, she would live in harmony with, you know, all the lords and ladies of the North, and I would hope that she had a nice life. But somehow I doubt that .”

And then she gathered a Bran and had a warg-like moment with a puppy…

” You do too. You disbelieved it .”/( c) Buzzfeed Celeb/ YouTube

Sophie continued after some consideration 😛 TAGEND

” I would hope that she would live happily ever after, and I don’t think she’d have another man in her life because they haven’t considered her particularly well in the past.

So I would like to think that she merely extends the North on her own and … snacks good nutrient and beverages good wine-colored and just … has a good time .”

See the rest of the treasured puppy-filled interview( below )!

[ Image via Buzzfeed Celeb/ YouTube/ Apega/ WENN .]

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