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I have a 5.5 months male moodle puppy, he's been with me from when he's 8 weeks.

This morning i had to leave my puppy in the hospital so he can be on drip overnight and better looked after.

He started with vomiting once a day so i thought it wasn't a big deal but then he vomitted again with funny stuffs came out, like wood chips and random pieces of rope.

We went to the vet 2 days ago and was given Ensal for his vomiting (he didn't have any diarrhoea then), but his condition didn't improve.

Then the condition woersen and since then he has been vomiting, not wanting to eat or drink, and in the past 24 hours has had mucus-like diarrhoea.

My puppy is a very active boy, so to see him not wanting to play and sleep all day was really heartbreaking.

The thought of his condition really really worries me, i can't concentrate on my work, i cry when i thought of him today, and the more i read stuff on the internet the more i became nauseous.

My families has had dogs in the past that NEVER come out of hospital alive. It is traumatising…

Please, can someone share some good stories of their puppies has made it out of hospital with the similar symptoms?

TLDR: puppy is in hospital, need people to share stories that it's possible for puppy to live healthily after being hospitalised.

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