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So I’m traveling by plane for the first time on Monday with my 10 1/2 month old kiddo who gets extremely motion sick in the car.

I started getting him used to his carrier I’m using about a month ago. Every day putting him in and having him sit while rewarding him with his high value treat and calm praise and increasing the duration by 2-5 min each time. He was doing amazing until we would get to the 30 min mark when he just full on panics. Starts barking at me, scratching at the carrier, shaking, panting, the works.

I bought him some calming chews with chamomile, melatonin, etc and got some calming spray for the carrier but it doesn’t seem to do much of anything. He’s going to take take a Dramamine for his motion sickness (works well for him in the car) so I’m hoping that’s enough to relax him, but I’m so worried about getting kicked off the flight. Southwest is super strict about disruptive pups and if he doesn’t like something he’ll TELL you.

I called my vet and requested anti anxiety meds but I’ve also been reading that sedating your dog for air travel is super dangerous and should never be done.

My anxiety is through the roof, I already have flight anxiety but all of this is tripling it. I know that pup can pick up on that but I just don’t know what to expect or how to help him be calmer.

I know no food/water at -least- 5 hours before the flight and exercise him so he’s tired. Anything else I’m missing? 🙁

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