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Hi all- thanks in advance. Have a very sweet 2 year old GSD I adopted a few months ago. He tends to gulp his food so fast I worry about it (I’ve had several previous dogs including a working border collie who couldn’t keep pace with this guy if he tried).

I suspect it’s because he had to compete for his food in the past, to my understanding he came from an overcrowded puppy mill before the breeder went under. The thing is, he’s completely non aggressive about it. He sits and stays while I pour his food, and he doesn’t twitch a muscle if I put it in front of him, but the second he gets permission to eat it’s all gone in one giant gulp. I have tried scattering the food around (and mixing with raw or wet) but the end result is all the exact same.

Can dogs be trained to eat slowly? Has anyone tried a slow feeder? I gave him a Kong slow feeder and he sniffed it and couldn’t care less about it to the point of not even trying to play with it.

Edit for details: He’s fed 2-3 smaller meals per day already. He doesn’t have to compete for food with another dog. There is one other dog who is trained the same way and they get fed on opposite sides of the room and are pretty respectful if one finishes before the other. He was initially bad at taking treats but since has learned to be more gentle when we’re training.

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