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Hi all. My partner rescued a shepard/doberman/boxer/hound named Luca and they've been together for three years. During those years he wasn't really trained at all, just potty trained. I have a lot of experience with dogs and training them so I've been training him for the last eight months. He isn't the smartest but he has made a lot of progress but there is one thing that hasn't stuck…getting him to sit before he enters the house after we enter. I trained a few fosters to do it in a few weeks and my parents' dog in less than a week.

In the beginning, we asked him to sit, we walk in, we release him with "okay", then reward. I still use treats, toys on and off when he sits without us asking, and of course praise every time. We either ask him to sit or we wait for him to it on his own, most of the time he just stands there like a little dummy.

In terms of his behavior, he still likes to lead while walking although doesn't pull much anymore, when I came into the picture he was wild. He still tries to pee every 20 seconds on a walk but I'm working on that as well. He can sit/down but we are working on duration and distraction. In general, he is quite skittish and scared of things like vacuums or anything long.

Wondering, maybe if we are doing something wrong or if you have any advice?

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