Single dog parents – will I ever have a life of my own?

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Hi team,

I recently adopted a now-9-week miniature dachshund puppy, against the advice of my family who all live multiple timezones away.

And I do think I am doing reasonably well. I live alone and am definitely struggling juggling my work (from home at the moment) and minding the pup – but I know this will get better, especially once she gets all her jabs and I can exhaust some of her devilish energy on walks.

But the sudden and nagging thought I started having – after realising I have barely enough time to eat and shower, let alone watch TV or read a book – will I ever have a life of my own again?

With the coronavirus going on, it's just her and me and it's great – but when this is over, will I be able to do stuff, go out and date?

I have given up on crate training and even getting her to sleep in her bed – during the day, she happily settles on her own – but on the sofa. And at night, she insists on sleeping with me – I allowed this, as this way she just wakes me up so I can take her outside. I am, however, worried that at some point I will want another human being to sleep in my bed – will this ever be possible?

TL;DR: I got a dog, will I ever get laid again?

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