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Hi all,

So I recently fostered and have now adopted a dog. Her name is Maple, approximate birthday of early/mid December 2019. She is a very mixed breed. But she Is probably a coin hound/beagle/pointer mix.
I have had her for just over a month officially and I signed us up for a AKC star puppy 6 week course starting late July.

However, I am pretty anxious about taking her to the course.

Currently he have successfully Kennel trained for sleeping and potty trained.

However, she only responds to her name maybe 30% of the time and I haven't really found a motivation that works for her. She won't eat treats, she will just mouth them and then spit them out. (I have tried roughly 20 different types, she absolutely hates peanut butter). She likes affection only when I get home from work or when I wake up and only briefly. She will show interest in a toy for a short period of time and then just leave it alone.

She is very timid and skittish which I credit to her previous stray status (Feral puppy found with 2 siblings). She also struggles if she is free roaming the house and my partner or I disappear behind a closed door. (Like earlier we were all laying in bed reading/chilling and I left the bedroom. Maple began whining and pawing at the door. This is pretty common and we have been trying to treat it like kennel training.)

When we go for walks she does very well, she stays at my side and keeps pace with me, ignores other dogs, and even other people. Her big things though are not wanting to be traffic side, and she really only walks on a harness.

So now that I've given the long intro into my dog, why am I anxious to take her to this course?

-I don't know what to use as motivation. -I'm worried we will show up and look like idiots in front of the instructor/ other 5 dog owners.
-I'm not really sure what she is supposed to know by the time we get there. -And ultimately I really worry that she isn't happy with me or our home.. which I'm sure sounds stupid…

So uh… yeah any help would be greatly appreciated. If you need more information just ask… I tried to give everything that might be relevant.

E-mail from the trainer:

"Please bring a hungry puppy (best not to feed before class.) Bring a copy of vaccination record. Dress comfortably; wear shoes with a back (no flip-flops). Buckle collar or harness, 6-foot leash. No flexis or chain leashes. A mat (can be rug, towel, crate mat, etc.) for puppy to lie on. Bring lots of small, soft treats. Bring poop/potty bags. If you didn't pay online, bring a check or cash for fee to class."

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