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So some back story, My female husky is spayed and a little over 2 years old. she is also 25%german Shepard and is on the smaller side of both breeds. She is very well behaved and a bit territorial over me and more so my wife. currently, my wife is away from home which oddly enough hasn't seemed to affect her much.

Anytime we leave the house we typically let her roam about, ensuring things that would or could be tempting are all put away. Most of the time we don't have any problems other than us not doing our part in dog proofing the house, and this has been going on for a few months with very few instances..

recently over the last few days I've been at work(I come home every 4hours or so) I come home and she has been trashing some odd things. leftover soda can boxes, today was paper towels and a new book I just got(very upset about this) were completely torn to shreds!

To combat these behaviors I've tried to leave brain puzzle toys and treats about the house but only seems to be temporary fix..and not very effective.. Any suggestions!?

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