Should my 13 week old doberman puppy be allowed to go up and down stairs?

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I have a 13 week old doberman puppy. His crate, pen, beds and toys are all upstairs because that is the only place I can fit them in my house. I bring him downstairs to go outside to go potty and walk and such. My house has 3 sets of stairs between the 1st and 2nd floors, each one about 5 steps each with a landing between. I used to carry him every time I brought him downstairs to go outside, but I have a back problem and it is hard for me to do it continuously since he is a literal poop machine (he has to pee 1 or 2 times every hour and poops about 8 times a day). He is also getting heavy for me and my back. I have been letting him go up and down the stairs, but I make him wait at each landing both ways. He is a clumsy puppy and while he has never fallen down the stairs, he goes down very quickly before stopping at each landing. He also often trips on his own legs while going up. Should I stop allowing him to do this and force myself to carry him on the stairs? I don't want to hurt his little growing joints, especially since he is growing fast!

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