Should I give up bringing my 11 month old to the park for now?

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I keep thinking that exposing him to outdoors, parks, other dogs, people will eventually desensitize him to the excitement of it all, but each time we take him out it's like he's never seen any of it before.

He's too distracted to listen(today I brought his favorite squeaky ball to distract him and refocus him while we sat and let the kids play, didn't work at all). He gets anxious and jealous of my kids playing or walking too far away. And his leash manners are atrocious. He lunges, whines and cries, and tries to jump on people as we pass. It's really embarrassing.

On top of this for the last 7 months leash training has gone terribly. He pulls non stop. The only progress I've made is that he will stop and sit nicely when I stop, and he'll allow for me to start walking and wait for me to say "let's go" but then he bolts forward and instantly tightens the slack. Im afraid that this is the new "how we go for a walk". He just doesn't understand that the pulling is what is making us stop in the first place.

So I think for now, no more parks? Very boring walks without the kids, which means he has to wait for my husband to get home. He just cannot handle the excitement.

Also looking for another way to teach him not pull.

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