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She's a five or so month old mix, and she's great. Her name is Daisy. She is snuggly and leans into me so hard for hugs and scratches. On walks she's really good, walking loose leash mostly except for the occasional jumping. She loves her kennel and responds really well to chew bones and Kong toys. She's not great at communicating when she needs to potty, but we can go days without an accident. She knows come, sit, stay, down, shake, and lay down, though she'll give you mean side eye if you don't have a treat.

She also bites. Hard. Like, drawing blood and ruining clothes. She will jump and bite and bark so that we can't have a single moment where we are not actively engaging with her. The biting is the worst. We are still trying the "force before frequency" saying ouch and praising soft bites/no biting, but she will draw blood and doesn't respond to "ouch!" Except to get more worked up. I dont want her in her kennel all the time, but if I need to do laundry or eat dinner, there's nothing else I can do. Kongs only last so long.

She is fully vaccinated, walked at least five times a week, often every day or multiple times a day, and she is scheduled for a spay and microchip in two weeks. I want to get her in puppy classes/daycare, but I need to work out a budget (things being what they are, budgeting is harder than it used to be). She's great in the car, and has been camping successfully multiple times. We have been socializing her since we got her, not forcing her into playing, but taking her everywhere we possibly can, and introducing her to everything. Kids, other dogs both young and old, grandparents, drive throughs, woods walks, neighborhood walks, park walks. We take her to band practice at least once a week.

I can't seem to find a method that keeps her from getting vicious. She bares her teeth and barks in your face and bites. She gets regular daytime kennel time, and has loads of a variety of toys. We play with her (fetch, tug, chase) at least twice every day for at least an hour at a time twice a day, before work and after. When she's sweet she's so good, but at least once a day we can count on her getting vicious and just mean.

Please help.

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