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I am WFH during the pandemic, for most likely the next year at least. I got my puppy end of August.

She loves her crate, I leave her in a playpen area in my room with her litterbox, water and toys and whenever I go see her she’s lying down in her crate.

However, she has serious FOMO. When she knows I’m home she has to be with me – if she doesn’t know I’m there, she’s fine in her crate. Otherwise it’s constant whining in her crate when I put her in there.

We started a new work-day morning schedule last week – it looks like;

6:15 – wake up, go out to pee/poop

6:30 – come in, hang out with grandma for 5 minutes then into the pen to eat breakfast (most of the time she doesn’t eat then)

7:00 – go for a walk

7:20 – get home, actually eat breakfast

7:30-8 – play or snuggle with mom

8 – 11 – crate time

First three days, she screamed for the whole 3 hours & rearranged her pen into different shapes and put her litter and water everywhere.

Thursday and Friday she screamed for 2 hours of the 3 hours and slept the rest of the time, water was still everywhere.

Monday she only cried for an hour and then fell asleep.

Today she cried for 20 minutes and then settled and I can hear her playing with her toys! It’s been 2 hours and 45 minutes since I put her in, 2 hours and 20 minutes since she last cried.

One step closer to curbing any potential separation anxiety!! It sucks not seeing her for that time when I know she’s in the room directly beside me all alone, but I also know that this is beneficial for both of our futures. I was originally putting her in for different amounts of time but I saw on this sub to ensure it’s for a minimum of 3 hours, so I’ve been doing my best to adhere to that.

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