Serious couch issues! Looking for any advice.

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I adopted my greyhound about a month ago. We slowly allowed her on the couch and then after she spent some time there, she became space aggressive and snapped at my boyfriend's dad, who she admittedly doesn't know very well, not as well as she knows us obviously.

I changed the rules and she's no longer allowed on the couch. I know that because I let her on originally that it makes it more difficult to keep off. But she stays off when I'm around. However if I leave the room she jumps on. I've tried gently moving her off with the leash and rewarding her in her bed, every time. I try throwing a treat and saying "off!" when she gets off.

I have put tinfoil on the couch to keep her off but she will jump on if I remove it and will REFUSE to get down unless I have a treat. Even though it gets her off the couch, she now jumps on it with the expectation that she'll get a treat for getting off. I know this because she will jump on and start licking her lips and watch me intently as I go into the kitchen.

I don't know what else to do.. do I just continue to be consistent with rewarding her in her bed and hopefully she'll listen over time? Greyhounds are notoriously stubborn when it comes to comfort spots.

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