Separation while walking + nipping at ankles at legs

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Hello! A lot of the information here has been incredibly helpful so far with dealing with our little monster. We have noticed something recently with our little Lupé while going on walks as two. If one person then walks further away while the other stays still or walks in the other direction he starts yelping and tries to run towards them. Of course this can be very dangerous while crossing the street so we have been trying to tackle this. So far we've tried having one person walk away while the other stays and rewards sitting and staying, including crossing a quieter road. This has had some success but once the person returns he has started nipping ankles or all out jumping to bite the calf or foot (maybe the border collie in him is coming out?). Have any of you have encountered these problems, and would you have any tips for how to handle?

Here is a picture of our 3/4 friesian stabyhoun and 1/4 border collie. 🙂

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