Separation Anxiety Issues

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Has anyone dealt with their border collie having separatiom anxiety and if so how did you treat it? For background I have a 2 year old BC who is showing severe symptoms of separation anxiety (barking for hours straight). He's not tearing or destroying anything or having accidents just barking and whining constantly.

I've tried almost all the solutions I can think of (left tv on, stuffed Kong, long lasting chews, CBD oil, zyklene, calming melotonin pills) and almost everything has fallen flat.

I am not leaving him for that long (maybe 4 hours at a time) no longer than that. He has been through a lot (moved from one house – that house had dog he had grown up with, to another house with more people and new dog – and now to an apartment). I'm not expecting anything to be done super quickly (only been at the apartment a month) but I was hoping by this time he'd be slightly adjusted.

As a background for exercise as well, he plays fetch in the morning for 45 minutes and gets a half an hour walk at lunch and then 45 minute walk in the evening. Plus small potty breaks here and there so it's my assumption he's getting enough exercise.

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